Swimmer Problems

Swimmer problems, run by 2 swimmers

Anonymous asked: ive had a shoulder problem for almlst 2 years. i had tendinitis in it and it cames and goes often. im afraid to tell my parents because i dont want them to make a big deal about it or not care and i love going to practices. i tell the coaches sometimes but they think my parents know and they always put me in stuff that hurts to swim which is basically every stroke. what do i do?

I had a similar problem as well actually. It would hurt to do backstroke and some free but more back and every time I would move it, it clicked and hurt. I had some tendinitis in it. I told my parents and coach and they didn’t really say anything about it really. It went away and now I don’t have a problem with it at all. What you should do is just ice it and everything after practices and just relax it. 



When you borrow someone’s goggles and they break in your hands

Anonymous asked: I started swimming when I was old enough to swim by myself but started on a team when I was like 4 or 5 and I swam til I was 13 on that team and I wasn't the fastest but I was so good that they put me in the age group above me. I always swam the IM's, Butterfly or free in relays and butterfly was my best stroke over any of them. I feel so crappy for quitting because swimming was my passion, it was my entire life and I miss it. I used to be called Butterfly Thomas because of how good I was

If you can I would totally get back into swimming if it meant that much to you. Don’t beat yourself up for quitting. When I left my college team I was so upset but now I’m able to swim occasionally in the winter and every day at my job so it isn’t so bad. For my first year off from swimming I found it nice to work out just to get rid of that extra energy. 
Don’t be hard on yourself, things happen for a reason sometimes.
Keep your head up.

Anonymous asked: I don't get why the butterfly isn't called the mermaid. Like frick u do mermaid motions

Too true, and you can’t breathe.
Butterfly forever the weirdest stroke.


When someone borrows your goggles and never gives them back

Anonymous asked: Rei only knowing how to do the butterfly really pisses me off because the butterfly is satan. He shouldn't be able to do that. He is swimming god

Ahahaha I know right? Sometimes life isn’t fair at all. I never understood people who did butterfly willingly, until I did it willingly once. 

starcatcherofficial asked: If any of you feel like failures please remember that when I tried out for the swim team I almost got heat stroke. I shit u not

That is pretty scary!
No one is perfect, and we sure aren’t perfect when we just start out!
Good advice!

Anonymous asked: I have been swimming for nine years. I just started my season as a freshman and we had our first meet today. I went so slow and I feel extremely guilt and upset. All my friends went faster when I normally go faster then most of them. I know it's because I'm out of shape from the break between seasons but I hate it! I gained four seconds in my 100 freestyle. I need advice.

The best thing in this is that you went slow in your first meet. You will have many more meets to blow your times out of the water! The first meet isn’t always the best one but now you have a time you want to beat and a goal you want to get to. Now that you have the feel of a meet you will be able to gauge yourself better, use your energy more wisely and get to where you want to be :) Don’t feel guilty! It was the first meet after all! My first high school meet I think I was actually DQ-ed for false starting, or something minor like that. But it was the first meet, and it was scary! Don’t compare yourself to your friends! I know it is hard not to do but trust me when I say it is better to not do that. I used to do that and it just brought me down. Keep looking at how far YOU have come how YOUR times have improved. You can better yourself :)

Anonymous asked: Im 14 and I swim around 10 years now and as a kid I won everything then 2 years back now I tried to skip training over the Winter because idek but now I want to slap myself for that now my 50 free is 42 im so pissed about myself what can I do ?

We’ve been getting a lot of these lately. 
The only thing you can do is push yourself to succeed. You need to keep practicing and keep swimming. I skipped my summer team one year and I felt like a rolipoli in the water that winter but I was able to get myself back up to speed by really committing myself in practice and pushing harder than ever in meets. Winning isn’t everything. This is one of the glorious parts of swimming, you don’t have to beat the people in the lanes next to you, you have to beat yourself. You have to demolish your old times because the true competition is with yourself. 
Keep swimming, keep trying and don’t give up!


When your foot cramps up