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Anonymous asked: backstroke used to be my best stroke and i was really good at it tbh but then after many years of swimming i quit, after a few years i started again because i missed it but now my backstroke just feels awkward and i cant get my rotation quite right, i just always feel so out of rythm, have any tips? ive been swimming for about a year now since my time out of the pool but i just cant get it right

I would highly recommend youtubing some videos of the Olympians doing backstroke since they tend to do slow mo on tim quite a lot. This will help you to see the way you have to rotate your body and do the pull. The kick is simple enough you just have to remember to move your hips with your body. The pull is something I struggled with for two years. It is actually a tricky pull to get down. I always remembered that I had to push the water behind my back as I rotated. I would suggest doing backstroke drills. Mainly pull since that is what is throwing you off a bit. The rhythm is in the pull. Do single arm (down and back) as one of them and when you have say your left arm doing the full stroke rotate your right shoulder out to mimic how you will be rotating when both arms are working. 
I highly recommend looking up videos to watch though, that will help you. As you watch the videos (this may feel weird) do the arms with the person in the video to get used to the feel again. Swimming is huge on muscle memory! Once you get it in your system it gets a lot easier. If you have a coach ask them for some drills that can help you improve. Or ask one of your swimmer friends to watch and tell you what you need to correct to get your swing back.
Hope this helps!

Anonymous asked: it has been like 1 year since I swim more seriously and I am soo slow like my 50 free is 39 secondes my 100 is 1:35 and my 400 is 7:19 how could I improuve my times?

The best way to improve your times is to keep working on your stroke. Work on your form before you add in speed. If you have poor form then you’ll be doing more work and not improving. Honestly your times aren’t bad at all. I think if you do drills and really focus on how your form is your times will improve. Work on your starts and flip turns too! Those are so important!!!! People lose time on their starts and flip turns. Especially in long distance swimming. When doing the 400 really go as hard as possible for the fist 150 then cool it down just a little. Finish strong ! Always go hard to the wall! Give it all you have!!!! Look up some drills. See where you need the most work. There is ALWAYS room for improvement! When I had to improve I had to really work on my pull. I did pull drills till I did them in my sleep. Muscle memory is key in swimming. Once you get everything to near perfection add in the speed and your times will improve greatly.
Best of luck!!!!

Anonymous asked: I really want to be a collegiate swimmer and my parents keep telling me that I'm not good enough. At meets I tell myself that I'm not good enough and then I do really poorly. I'm starting to believe them. What should I do?

Do your best forget the rest!!!!!
Only think of your own goals, forget what other people think!! I was told that I would never be a runner or able to do any land sports because I has asthma. Everyone told me “You can’t” Yesterday I climbed to the top of a mountain, a 16mile hike with extreme inclines, and you know what? I did it. It took me a while to get there, but I did it. I only had to make myself happy with my goals. 
You know what you should do? Take what they say, maybe nod a little, and think to yourself, “I can.” I want you to wake up every morning and tell yourself, “I’m going to be a swimmer” Shut out all the negativity. Push yourself in practice. And then when you get there, try out for the team. The only bad thing that could happen is you won’t make it, but you know what? Don’t let that stop you. Don’t let anything stop you. I don’t want you to settle for second best. Constantly work towards your goals. When I set a goal I set it high because I like the challenge. At first set your goals at an attainable height, then once you achieve a few of the small ones solidify your long term goals. Keep doing the little goals though to keep yourself motivated. As you work on each little goal make them a little harder, like a ladder. You have to keep your chin up though. Your parents may be huge influences on your life but you have to prove them wrong. My mother thought I was a sickly child with all these diseases, at 20 I am being reevaluated and finding that I was misdiagnosed left and right. You have to stick to your guns and keep a level head about everything.
You can do this. We’re all cheering for you.

Anonymous asked: I'm really nervous about winter season because I haven't swam on a team since I was like 9 and I'm 14 now. I'm going to be a freshman this year and I'm really nervous because my friend is the co-captain on the team and I don't want to mess up or look like a bad swimmer in front of her. Do you have any advice?

If possible hit the pool before the season starts just to get back into the swing of things. If you can’t get into a pool (or even a lake before the summer ends) do some dry land. Pushups, pull-ups, some very light weight lifting just for muscle tone, try running it helps even though we all hate it. Get familiar with all the strokes again. 
The best advice I can give you is to not care what other people think. I know it is hard not to but trust me when I say the only opinion that matters is your own. Everyone else is thinking that everyone is watching them, but really no one is because we are all thinking the same thing. If you mess up or aren’t an Olympian in the first season. You just do your best and forget the rest. Don’t tell yourself “I can’t” say, “I can’t do that, YET.” and make that Yet happen, make it your goal. Start out with baby steps, don’t try to pound out a 500 in 5minutes or do a 50 in 18seconds. Do everything at your own pace at first then start to push yourself. 
Just remember, do your best and don’t think about what other people are doing. You don’t have to impress anyone but yourself.
Good luck!!!

Anonymous asked: I was wondering what your opinion on dating someone on your team is.

In college it didn’t happen on my team, (women’s college ftw). BUT in high school Sandy actually dated someone on the team. Tbh it was pretty cute from a friend’s perspective since he was there for all her meets and they could cheer each other on.
I’m going to let her know about this ask and she can tell you better than I.
Personally I think it works out well as long as the relationship starts and ends on a good note which can be a little tricky.

I enjoyed dating a teammate, it was great having him at all of my meets and being at all of his. No one seemed uncomfortable about it and we both were happy. You just have to make sure that if the relationship ends that you are on good terms because you’ll be stuck seeing them every single day pretty much. Overall it was a good experience for me, but this was on a high school team so idk how different club teams or college teams are.


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stareintooblivion asked: I was looking for a new champ suit, and I see the LZR 2's come in "normal" and comfort strap. Do you know what the difference is in the suits? All I see is a $35 price difference…

Honestly I never used a LZR 2 :/ I’m going to publish this one since it would probably be best to see if any of our followers have come across this and tested the difference, somehow. 
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