Swimmer Problems

Swimmer problems, run by 2 swimmers


When warm up is just a mile, 66 laps, nothing else, not breaks….thanks coach…

Anonymous asked: hi! so i'm 13, and im just now registering for a team. i just started swimming a little more than a week ago, and so far all i know how to do is freestyle. the girl who's been helping me was on the team for seven years, and she and two other lifeguards (who were also on the team) said that i should go on the team. I'm really nervous bc i feel like ally he other kids are going to be a lot better than me and make fun of me. idk really know where I'm goin with this but i kinda just needed to say it

You got this!!!!
SWIM SWIM SWIM and don’t give up! You shall succeed!!!!
All of us


Please don’t remind me that when we sweat it goes right into the pool.


the one friend on your team who accepts your cold wet hugs no matter how dry and warm they are.


When you’re a distance swimmer and coach makes you practice with the sprinters
when you’re a sprinter and coach makes you practice with the distance swimmers


Cold bleachers you had to wait on

Anonymous asked: Thanks that really helped me not worry as much and any tips you may give me like swimming techniques or which swimming cap/googles do you prefer or any swim team future expectation

Swimming techniques will come with time honestly. The way I do freestyle might be slightly different on how you do freestyle if that makes sense. It wouldn’t be that much different but everyone has their own tweaks, like running form. Googles I usually went with Speedo and cap I just used my high school one for everything :) but a random one should be fine.


Anonymous asked: hi :) I was wondering how much do you know how to swim in order to get into a team cause I always loved swimming but not enough to go as a sport team kind of thing and I haven't swam in a long time but I know freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke pretty well and for speed i'm average. And another question is their any 'chubby' on a team cause I am and I just would like to know I won't be the one that is known to be the biggest in the team

Actually I walked on to my high school team. I didn’t know breaststroke or butterfly at all to begin with honestly. I loved to swim and everything so I just went for it and ended up being really good! So you don’t need to know much because if you are a new comer, the coach will help you a whole whole lot! Also don’t worry about being the biggest on the team, that shouldn’t matter all that much :) if you need anything else just ask