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Swimmer problems, run by 2 swimmers

Anonymous asked: Are you going to zones?? And is so which on (like where at).

Zones? I don’t know what those are xD I’m sorry! If they are in NJ/PA area and happening during the week I could totally go to check them out!
Best of luck if you’re in them though!


When your hair is as dry as hay

vintagedvibes asked: Do you know any good sites that ship reasonably priced, good looking, good quality swim suits meant for training? (Female)

Yo, our swimming lassies!
I honestly got all my suits directly from the stores or ordered through my team so I never really had the chance to explore online shopping. (That was sort of before my time) I do use Swim Outlet for my summer suits though or I get them through California Beach Hut (but their prices are a bit high.)
Do any of our followers have personal input on this??
(we normally don’t post non-anon messages but I want to give you the best answer possible here)


Many hours of work! Look up youtube videos! Maybe look at the Olympians because for some of their races they put them in slow mo and you can see how the pros do it. I learned how to do butterfly the right way from watching Michael Phelps in his competitions and the Olympics. 
Use a kick board to work on your kick, really focus on the glide and getting a strong push with your legs. Once you get the kick down add in the arms. Use a pull buoy when you do the arms. If you feel like you’re going to drown then you have room to improve! I was never a fan of breast but once you get the pull, kick, glide thing down pat I am sure you will feel the difference. Again, videos help a ton. Ask your coach too (if you are on a team) If you don’t have a chance to talk to your coach, or a coach, ask a friend to keep an eye on you and tell you what they see. Maybe even ask them to take a video of you so you can see what your stroke looks like then assess yourself and do what you need to.
Best of luck! Let us know if this helps you at all!

Also a drill that really helps with getting the glide down is doing a three second glide. After your kick hold your glide for a three count in streamline before pulling. In breaststroke your power comes from your kick not your pull, so work on the glide to maintain momentum. Also work on keeping your head tucked properly, some coaches will do a tennis ball drill where you have to keep a tennis ball under your chin while swimming, this keeps you from looking up when you breathe. Best of luck with my favorite stroke! -Sandy

Anonymous asked: Are you ever doing like 500 frees and you forget what you're on so you just keep going till everyone else stops because thats really all I do

Ya’ll don’t have counters???? That is crazy!
But yeah when we do sets I just go with the people who are around the same pace as me because even as a distance swimmer I stop counting after the first 200….
(you aren’t alone, 500 is way too much to remember)

As a no distance swimmer, I lose count after 200 every single time if we have a long set or even during warm up so I just stop when other people stop (shhh were all guilty of it every now and then) Sandy




Trying to put a wet swim suit on.


When you eat “heavy” foods and have a big swim practice the day after


When you do morning laps at a local pool and there he is…….speedo man……


Forget the goggle tan! Get the new and improved goggle SUNBURN!