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Swimmer problems, run by 2 swimmers

swimmer-advice asked: I've been swimming for 8 years now and everyone seems to be hitting that point where you get way faster. The problem is, I haven't yet! I'm starting to get worried!

Don’t worry about it! You’ve probably hit a plateau, which is hard to get through but not impossible. Just keep working on everything you can, your form and everything and then focus on adding speed to that. It can be tough to just chug along while other people tear up the lane but you will get out of it soon enough. I hit that plateau in my sophomore year of high school but broke out of it before the season was over. It took me a while to get out of that rut mostly because I wasn’t committing myself to swimming or really trying to get ahead. You have the drive and the desire all you have to do is back it up with some work. 
Keep swimming!

swimmerproblems123 asked: Hi. Im a swimmer and I just started this new blog and I was wondering if you could give me a shout out? My blog is all about swimming and would really appreciate if you helped me out:) thank you

^Check ‘em out! :D Welcome to the swimming-blog community!

indiesad asked: Thanks ! Yeah I'll do that so far it's helped, (I can already tell I'll love this blog ) and one more question, I'm usually being put into the 200 free and 100 IMs for our meets (I know pretty easy stuff) but I'm having problems pacing myself, any tips on how to do that ?

Since you are in the events that take more of a short burst of energy (I know it feels like hell) you should work on stamina and maintaining speed. Pacing is better for long distance. You should try pacing in practice or on your own, focus on breathing and getting a good grip for a pull. When I would do the 1650 I would first want to die but to pace I would try to maintain my stroke count for the lap. Like if I had say 8 or something for a 25 then I would want to do my best to maintain that any way I could either by gliding more or increasing my kick power. If you focus on your form and breathing you should be able to get a good pace down. When you start off don’t give it your all either (with the IM that may be hard since you do butterfly first) With the IM I would focus on your better strokes, like if you are great at Free and Breast I would try to conserve energy to wreck in those two rather than spend it all on a stroke you aren’t good at. I hope this helps!
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indiesad asked: Hiya this is my first year competitive swimming (I'm a sophomore) and I really love it do you have any tips or anything to get me through the season ?

Hey that’s when I started swimming competitively actually lol. My tips are really just hang in there for now. Ask your coach to watch you as you swim and everything and see what you need work on. He/She will help you, that’s what they are there for. Choose a race that you feel comfortable doing for your first meet and everything, like don’t choose the 500 cause it might be hard but instead choose like the 100 free or something. Just ask your coach to help you along and ask other teammates as well. They want to see you succeed just as much as you want to. Just have fun really :) 


new shirt


Cheering till your voice gets hoarse. And then cheering some more


sneaking up and snapping your friend’s straps


"Did my goggles leave a mark?"
'Nope.' (total lie)


when you eat too much before a meet and feel like you ate lead.