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Swimmer problems, run by 2 swimmers


When you eat “heavy” foods and have a big swim practice the day after


When you do morning laps at a local pool and there he is…….speedo man……


Forget the goggle tan! Get the new and improved goggle SUNBURN!


Sarah Sjostrom crushed the 50 fly world record in a time of 24.43 - PLUS she held her breath for the entire race!!


Sarah Sjostrom crushed the 50 fly world record in a time of 24.43 - PLUS she held her breath for the entire race!!

knucklesglory asked: Hi! I've been swimming for three years (not four, I skipped one year oops). I'm mainly a fly and free and back swimmer. I'm not exactly fast but I'm not slow. My record for free is 1:17 and fly is 1: 30 ish (;-;) Swim conditioning wouldn't start up until school is well into session but I want to start conditioning now. I just don't know what to do. I've looked up workouts online but IDK they don't seem right. What if I were to swim up by 25s and then go back down by 25s when I reach a number?

Well if you have access for a pool just do some workouts and everything. Anything is better than nothing really. Some ladders will be good as well but you have to give yourself a good time limit and stick to it as well. Like doing 100s in 1:30 or something like that and sticking to it and everything. 

Okay! So we got an ask about what a lot of things mean so I’m going to make a text post.

Warm Up 500 FR, 500 K ,500 P 10 X 100 on 1:40 3 X 200 Fr/Ch/Fr 15sec rest 200 Cool Down

This means that you do a 500 freestyle swim, then a 500 kick (usually it’s a freestyle but you can probably do whatever you want as long as you get the 500 meters in) The P stands for 500 pull which is just using your arms and no legs at all. Again you can probably mix it up with different strokes. Next is 10, 100 meter swims on 1 minute and 40 seconds. So that means you have a minute and 40 seconds to swim a 100, if you get done before then, that’s your rest. The next is 3, 200 meters swim, this doesn’t have a time limit but you only have 15 minutes of rest. For this you go Freestyle for the first one, choice (so whatever you want) for the second one and then Free for the third. After that you have a 200 cool down which is for to get your body to relax. 

WU- 400 Choice 5 X 100 on 1:40 4 X 200 IM (NO FLY) 15 sec rest 25 X 25 on 1:00 1000 Cool Down

This means 400 choice warmup (you get to choice what you want to swim and you don’t change it unless your coach tells you that you can) Next is 5, 100 meters at 1 minute and 40 seconds, same as the 10X100. Next is 4, 200 meters IM which is usually Butter, Back, Breast and Freestyle. Since it says no Fly (no butterfly) you don’t do that and your coach might just say one of those are a choice instead, this has a 15 second rest before starting again. Then you have 25, 25 meters on 1 minute, same as the 10X100 and 5X100. Then a 1,000 meter cool down. 

WU-600 (300 fr/300ch) Ladder Fr up/Ch down 25,50,75,100,100,75,50,25 (10 sec rest) 20 X 50 Hard /easy on 50 sec 10 X 100 IM (NO FLY) 0n 2:00 200 Cool Down

This is a 600 warmup of 300 freestyle and then a 300 choice of whatever you want. A ladder means that you increase the distance and hit the top and then go back down. What this means is that you will swim freestyle up the ladder and then whatever you want down the ladder (usually not freestyle so anything but that) and then you have a 10 sec rest between each thing. Next is the 20X50 hard/easy on 50 sec which is you just make it in 50 sec and whatever time you have left you rest until it’s time to go again, every 50 secs (let’s say you get to the wall in 40 seconds, you have 10 seconds of rest until you go again) The next is the same as the 4X200 IM again. After you do all of this, you have a 200 cool down. :) 

I really hoped this help and everything! If you have any questions about this just ask. 



When your foot slips on the start 


When you go to breathe and a wave/wake off another swimmer drowns you